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ProMotion is an outcomes based program using up to date evidence, cutting edge technology and customised plans that offer progress towards your unique goals. No cookie cutter protocols here!

A piece of evidence, that is often poorly understood by the public is:

If muscular or skeletal pain or injury has not settled significantly with manual treatment within 4 weeks – it is probably not going to.

Based on this, ProMotion offers 2 treatment streams:

  1. Pain Reduction. If your pain / injury problem is likely to resolve within 4 weeks we begin a course of Osteopathic treatment. Deep tissue work, joint manipulation, dry needling, stretching, taping – all the things we know work the best for relief of short term pain.

  2. Superscreening and Plan for Progress.

    If your problem will not resolve with treatment within 4 weeks, we are compelled to dig deeper to find a cause. To stop guessing!

We use purpose built technology to measure the strength and power deficits that prevent you reaching your goals. We then set about building a plan to fix these deficits. We take data every 4 weeks to make sure we are always on track towards your goals – not wasting your precious time or money wandering around “guessing” what might be going on.

NB depending on the nature of your pain / injury, your plan may include some Osteo treatment as required. Delivered by Grant Burrows. Your Plan for Progress is not “anti osteo treatment”, it IS anti doing things that we know won’t have a successful outcome for you.

** What ProMotion doesn’t do is “ad hoc osteo” where you book treatment randomly as you need it. Nor do we do regular interval treatment, eg ‘every 3 weeks’ to keep things aligned and loose. There is nothing wrong with these popular forms of treatment – and almost all practitioners will do this for you - it is simply not what ProMotion does!

ProMotion is designed and run by Osteopath Grant Burrows

ProMotion Prices

Open Gym Supervised Training


1:1 Treatment or Training

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Superscreen and Program Design (1 off)

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Did you know that if musculoskeletal pain or functional limitation (i.e. you can't do what you want to do) has not improved with treatment or therapy within 4 weeks it is not likely to.

Which begs the question why so much treatment and therapy continues past this point!

At ProMotion we are set up to optimally help you no matter which phase of pain or limitation you are currently in.

If you have a new problem or a recurrent problem that settles easily, we can work with you intensively for up to 4 weeks, using Osteo treatment – including deep tissue work, manipulation, needling, taping, stretching and all the old favourites!

Hopefully you are able to return to a comfortable and restriction free life ASAP!

Should you have an ongoing problem that is resistant to treatment or have a problem too severe to settle in 4 weeks, we switch gears and go after the cause of your problem.

As much as we would all love someone to be able to ‘rub and crack’ our pain away, the reality is this is not always possible!

We use cutting edge technology and collect data on your strength and power in relevant areas to your pain or limitation. We can develop plans targeting the unique deficiencies that drive your problem, and take the guesswork out of what you need to do to get better.

How very 2020!

It may be short term pain & injury management you need, or identifying and correcting (until now) hidden causes of your more ongoing and complex problem.

Either way, you don’t need a medical degree to know that doing all and only what you need, in any given phase, will give you faster and more long lasting results!

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Grant Burrows

Grant has 2 decades of clinical experience as an Osteopath.

His passion and purpose is to help people in ongoing pain and limitation.

To help them off the treadmill of treatments (unless they like that of course) and onto a path towards the pain free and uninhibited life they desire.

Grant has built both the programs that comprise ProMotion to deliver these outcomes.

When Grant is not working in ProMotion, he is sharing the innovative intellectual property that underpins these programs in workshops in Melbourne for osteos and physios.

And if he has any time left after all that, you will find him hanging out with wife Jo and his 3 young children.
*NB Grant’s priorities are not necessarily in this order.