Have You Had A Gutful?

Lets build a customised plan together to help you achieve more lasting results! - Grant Burrows, Osteopath [read bio]


We decode your movement to find your cause.

The notion that everyone moves the same way, and therefore, has the same back problem is nonsense.

In fact this assumption is one of the very reasons why traditional therapy for persistent and recurrent back pain has so often failed.

Our sophisticated Movement Testing allows us to identify your unique blockages and weaknesses and establish our priorities in helping you.

Without determining this, you are unlikely to establish an accurate cause for your back problem – which makes improving it very difficult!

We’ll teach you our tricks!

Promotion is about empowering you to be able to adapt and tune your own movement and exercise for maximum benefit to you.

You will learn your Movement Code – and learn how to choose the right exercises for you, as well as how to skilfully adjust and tune movements to ensure you are always progressing and not just heading towards your next back pain episode.

In the persistent and recurrent back pain world, dependency on therapists is almost encouraged. But at Promotion, we believe the opposite is true: the key to progress and success is you feeling comfortable and confident taking some control and responsibility back.

You Do the Work.

In Promotion, it is here that the magic happens!

And your effort over time under our expert guidance is our magic concoction.

The key difference with training at Promotion is that we don’t give you generic, one-size-fits all workouts. We use what is still a very new concept – Prescriptive Movement.

We take your movement code, that we have established in our Testing, and custom build a program that addresses your problems and builds on your strengths.

We’ll keep you on track.

The road out of persistent or recurrent back pain is always bumpy and unpredictable. Painful episodes or “flare ups” are normal and expected, particularly early on in your journey to more permanent improvement.

These flare up episodes often derail people’s efforts for more lasting and significant pain relief if not managed well.

At Promotion we place great importance on getting on top of painful flare ups as quickly as possible, to get you back on track to achieve your bigger picture goals.

In the mainstream model your back pain settling down is a cue for discharge from treatment, until your next episode of course. At Promotion, coming out of an episode of back pain is your cue to continue working towards a more permanent solution to your back problem.

Our treatment is in the form of Osteopathic manual therapy from experienced Osteopath Grant Burrows.


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January 10, 2019