Others Treat, I Fix

Lets build a customised plan together to help you achieve more lasting results! - Grant Burrows, Osteopath [read bio]

Our Process


We are not working together to just get our ‘rehab’ done because that is the right thing to do.

We want to know how your pain or limitation impacts the things that are meaningful to you.

Then we can set about helping you remove these obstacles between where you are right now and where you want to be.

Having a destination that is meaningful to you is critical to your progress, as without it motivation eventually dries up!

You are very involved in the Fix process.

This may be different to your current perception of what a Fix* is – where a doctor or therapist “fixes you”.

We give you the Skills, Tools and Understanding you’ll need to get the progress you want.

We empower you, so when you start seeing Progress, and realise it is you achieving it, your momentum and motivation will build!

Movement is the magic in this process!

We find the areas of your body that let you down by either not moving or being weak and unstable.

We build custom programs targeted at your problem areas.

Once we have polished these areas up, we start building the movement patterns that are relevant to the meaningful destination you have shared with us.

Manual Treatment

One common misconception in ProMotion is that the program is “anti hands-on treatment”.

If you are too sore or temporarily out of alignment on any given day, sessions within the program can be Osteopathic treatment. In each session we simply do what is most likely to move you forward on that day.

The difference is that Manual Treatment is not THE Plan, but it is an important piece of the puzzle to help you more permanently overcome your pain and limitation.


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March 10, 2019