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With almost 2 decades of experience, you can trust Grant will be able to release, manipulate, needle and unlock your body to relieve pain, stiffness and tightness.

All while solving the problems of the world. At some point, everyone needs their Osteo! Why not make Grant, yours!


Many women have problems with ongoing back pain and pelvic instability after pregnancy and childbirth. But it is a mistake to think that all these women have the same problem, even if they have similar pain! It is therefore not surprising that generic fitness and exercise routines often dont quite get the job done here!

Mums Bounce Back is a program that has clinical specificity without the stuffy and boring delivery so often associated with "doing rehab".We find your unique weaknesses and instability. And where you are stiff and blocked for motion.

We then give you movement programs that fix what drives your problem. And once you have enjoyed the progress that you set out to achieve we break up with you, leaving you with more comfort and confidence in your body, to do whatever it is that is important to you!

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