Our Programs

ProMotion is for people who want a more long term solution to pain or injuries.

ProMotion is able to take the next step for 2 key reasons:

  1. We now have access to cutting edge technology that takes a lot of guesswork out of what is causing your problem.

  2. We now know more about pain and injuries than ever before.

    With much better data or ‘clues’ combined with high end clinical expertise, it is possible to solve the cases of musculoskeletal pain and injury that used to become ongoing or frustratingly recurrent.

If you are not getting the results you want in overcoming muscular or skeletal pain, then book an obligation free Initial Consultation on 52433819 or book online at www.promotiongeelong.com.

ProMotion is founded and delivered by Osteopath Grant Burrows.

Many women after pregnancy and childbirth (or a few goes at it) are left with pelvic or back pain. More subtly, they experience a lack of the flexibility, strength and control of movement they once had.

This can resolve naturally over time, but so often ends up in a downward spiral of physical deconditioning, that these Mums never really bounce back from.

But there is good news...

We know that most of these women have the same problems:

  • Weak core and pelvic floor
  • Weak glutes and hips (main support for the low back)
  • Stiff, locked and tired middle back from feeding, holding and carrying.

Therefore, we can design a program targeted at these common deficiencies.

And we have. It is called Mums Bounce Back!

It is a 12 week program in a small group setting alongside mums bouncing back like you!

Run by an experienced Osteopath Grant Burrows to keep you safe (i.e. we do not do burpees).


Grant Burrows

Grant has 2 decades of clinical experience as an Osteopath.

His passion and purpose is to help people in ongoing pain and limitation.

To help them off the treadmill of treatments (unless they like that of course) and onto a path towards the pain free and uninhibited life they desire.

Grant has built both the programs that comprise ProMotion to deliver these outcomes.

When Grant is not working in ProMotion, he is sharing the innovative intellectual property that underpins these programs in workshops in Melbourne for osteos and physios.

And if he has any time left after all that, you will find him hanging out with wife Jo and his 3 young children.
*NB Grant’s priorities are not necessarily in this order.