Do You Have a Fixer Upper?

February 25, 2019

I was watching Frozen with my daughter for perhaps the 40th time on the weekend.

My attention in this particular sitting was drawn to the catchy ‘Fixer Upper’ song towards the end……… know, after Let It Go – which is at the 29 minute mark!

Because I am overly familiar with the plot my mind drifted to how musculoskeletal therapists

(including physios, osteos and chiros) are so often considered Fixer Upper’s – not only by the public but by some of the therapists themselves.

Providing relief from pain is the role of a musculoskeletal therapist. And depending on the person and condition presenting, we can be damn good at this!

Whether you want to call that providing pain relief or being “fixed up” is just language and semantics for most. Who cares? You feel better and everyone is happy!

The Fixer Upper tag only becomes an issue when back pain, or other muscular or skeletal problems, don’t go away with physio / osteo / chiro treatment. Or the pain does go away but returns soon enough.

Then the conversation switches – and to me, unravels!

The patient might say,

“This person can’t fix me……..”

“I need to find someone who can fix me……….”

“I don’t think anyone can fix me……..”

Professionals might say,

“I can fix this”.

“I know no one has been able to fix you, but you haven’t seen me yet – this is your lucky day”

The truth is that pain that persists or recurs needs more than a heroic Fixer Upper to ride into town, it needs a Plan.

A strategic, intelligent Plan that optimises your chances of success in overcoming pain.

A Plan that includes both skill from the practitioner and your effort and commitment to change.

So, if you have your Fixer Upper that can “fix your pain” as you need, good for you. Carry on!

But If you are struggling to overcome persistent or recurrent pain, lets call off the search for your Fixer Upper and build a strong plan together!

Grant Burrows