February 15, 2020

Usually Risk and Reward follow each other.

My parents in the late 80’s were happy to take the risk for the reward of high
interest rates on their savings offered by Pyramid Building Society.

They were less happy when Pyramid collapsed and they lost their money!

But risk and reward have a different relationship for Mums trying to physically
bounce back from pregnancy and childbirth.

This is because the number 1 reason that so many women get stuck and deconditioned is continually getting re-injured.

So for a Mum returning from pregnancy and child birth into a general group fitness class (eg Boot Camp), due to random loading this represents a high risk of causing further niggles and injuries. And because each time you get injured you get weaker, there can be a low reward in terms of overall progress.

Mums’ Bounce Back is a 12 week program designed by Osteopath Grant Burrows, based on what we call Smart Loading.

Smart Loading allows us to set you programs that challenge you (this is not boring remedial rehab) but keep you safe from the risk of frequent re injuring.

Passing challenges and getting stronger without interruption give you the results and reward you desire, faster!

If you want the Smart, fast path to bouncing back to your previous you, then call 52433819 or book online for an obligation-free Initial Consultation.