Is Movement Fatigue killing your progress?

March 25, 2019

Fatigue. Being Tired. Exhausted. This conjures up images of people with matchsticks holding their eyes open or someone sitting slumped on the ground after heavily physically exerting themselves.

Movement Fatigue and how it relates to back pain and other injuries is more subtle but no less influential.

Have you ever had an injury that is ok initially when you do an activity but then pain builds over time?

Or you felt ok while doing something, but in hindsight you did too much and pay the price later?

These are often the effects of Movement Fatigue.

Movement Fatigue related to injuries is basically when ‘quality movement’ runs out and the task or activity starts to irritate the body. But here is the tricky bit: movement fatigue comes on while you still feel ok and are not yet feeling generally fatigued, so it is hard to pick up. You often only find out you did too much when it is too late!

The way to fight off the effects of Movement Fatigue is to build Movement Endurance.

Finding the right things to do and then doing them enough to prepare your body for whatever task or activity you wish to do and/or find problematic.

The musculoskeletal therapy industry is very good at ‘releasing’ muscles, aligning spines, creating flexibility, activating muscles and helping you walk out of the treatment room more comfortable than you arrived.

At ProMotion we acknowledge the importance of building and preparing your muscles and joints to healthily function with endurance over time. We have strategies in our programs that address this for you.

Unlike the TAC campaign, movement fatigue will not kill you. But it may be killing your attempts to more permanently overcome your back problems!

Grant Burrows