February 25, 2020

I caught a bit of an AFLW match on TV recently.

I couldn’t believe how much the girls’ skill level had progressed in a few short years.

Whether it be kicking, marking, handballing or tackling technique, the girls had obviously worked hard on drilling their skills. There is no doubt this upward curve of improvement in skill level will continue in the coming years. To who knows where!

And so it is with people who experience ongoing or recurrent pain and injury.

Some people just don’t have the skill level or movement-ability to avoid constantly re-injuring themselves. And the cycle just goes round and round……sound familiar?

The “skill” deficit might be in Stability, Strength, Flexibility, Balance and/or Coordination.

We know that in these cases, no amount of treatment or medication can give people the skills to get better.

The AFLW girls had to learn and practice kicking and tackling, no one could gift them with those abilities.

If you have an ongoing or recurrent muscular or skeletal problem, you might need to train your skill deficits to finally overcome the problem that keeps feeding itself.

Not everyone who has ongoing or recurrent injuries has movement skill deficits driving their problem. We have the technology and expertise to determine what skill and strength deficits you have and, importantly, whether they are likely to be a relevant cause of your problem.

If we do find some relevant skill and strength deficits, then the only question is whether you want to do something about it!!

Get proactive, “skill up”, overcome ongoing problems and improve your performance like an AFLW star!!

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