The Power Couple: Technology and Expertise

February 22, 2020

If your pain or injury has not, or is not likely to, settle in 4 weeks we need to change the way we do things. We need to guess less and know more.

We need to work with better quality clues and build more customised plans for your success.

As opposed to rinsing and repeating what we did in the first 4 weeks and just hoping a bit harder for a different outcome!!

We can dig deeper because of the data our technology can generate about where your body is working, and not working well.

But data alone is useless. Clinical experience and expertise allow us to interpret this data in the context of who you are, what you problem is and what you want to do, and then build the right plan to optimise your chances of a successful outcome.

And that is why at ProMotion, Technology and Expertise are our Power Couple!

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